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1. Strong correlation in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) moiré system

We make state-of-the-art TMD heterostructures and study strong correlation phases in them, such as but not limited to mott insulator, excitonic insulator, Chern insulator (quantum anomalous hall), magnetism and kondo physics. 

2. 2D exciton polaritons

We couple 2D materials into optical cavity and study their strong light-matter interaction (exciton-polariton). We will focus on techniques to enhance the polariton-polariton interaction such as high Q cavity, charged excitons, Rydberg excitons, etc. Our final goal is to achieve strong nonlinearity with single polariton (polariton blockade) which generates single photon. We also will try electrical pumping 2D exciton polaritons to the low threshold lasing regime for future on-chip applications.

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